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Experience a new realm of dining in the heart of East London, where we offer a complete 360 ambient dining experience from table side flame shows, 24 carat dishes, weekly entertainment and a refined halal menu and alcohol free bar.  Yes an alcohol free bar, you seem surprised ! A wide selection of wines, mocktails and even 24ct gold bubbly. 

Why Halal? 

Why not? We are Halal bringing confidence to our guests to ensure our selected meats are 'genuinely halal'. With a large varying selection from premium meat to poultry, our chef teams maintains the standard of quality for our guests. We are a dining experience for all and not inclusive to one, hence we welcome guests from all backgrounds to experience our new dining menu. 


Why an alcohol free bar?

Why should non-drinkers have less of a selection than drinkers right?  With experienced mixologist from across London we have been working day and night to curate a special selection of pairing beverages to enhance the palette of flavours. From recognised brands to captivating Instagrammable mocktail moments, the discussion of alcohol becomes history. A cross between cold, refreshing and sweet will have you feeling away off shore. Make it a time to live in the moment for with your guests.

Upcoming celebratory occasion?

With an open plan private dining suite on our top floor, have access to a private bar, waitrons, seating booths and entertainment facilities. Our event planners are flexible to creating set menu options to make it a special day for you. 

For more information, please contact us on:

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